Become a volunteer and support your community


Volunteering defies expectation.  Beyond the obvious benefit to the community and charitable organizations is the value to you as a volunteer. There is something liberating about working for a group or a cause not for financial reward but simply for the joy of doing it – for the knowledge you have improved someone else’s quality of life, or have benefitted the community out of a sense of service.  A world without volunteers would be a poorer place indeed.

You do not need to know what you want to do! 

Some people have a very clear and specific notion of how and where they’d like to volunteer.  Others haven’t the foggiest idea but know they want to do something.  All are welcome.

It may not be initially obvious but it soon will be once you start that volunteering impacts upon all areas of your life.  If you’ve been out of work for a while – you are now filling up that cv, a reference may be in the offing, career paths may present themselves, your confidence will increase, and there’s a good chance your physical and mental health will improve.  All the while you thought you were just counting bird boxes!

Please note that you may scour our Opportunities page and find nothing that really grabs you.  That can happen.  It’s not a problem at all.  Come in and chat to us.  Over a cuppa we can bounce ideas around and find something – more often than not something you’d never have dreamt of doing!