Become a volunteer and support your community


  • Volunteering is giving your time freely, to benefit someone unrelated, a group, or the environment, for no financial reward.  You shouldn’t be out of pocket, however, and can claim travel expenses if necessary.
  • Volunteering is fun!  Volunteering is a wonderful way to try out alternatives to what you do in your everyday life.  What we have found over the years is that it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of living which is secure but not always entirely satisfying.  You can volunteer in an area where you have no previous experience and find it’s perfect for you.  You can volunteer in a whole range of fields, as you will see on our Opportunities page.  What’s important to realise is that you don’t have to stick by what you know and have always done – and we heartily recommend you don’t.  Jump into something new.  You’ll be amazed at what you never thought you could do.
  • As a volunteer you can choose how much time you want to give, and what you want to do.  Some people like a solid and structured approach to their volunteering, others prefer to do it on a more ad hoc basis.  Similarly some like to be really, really busy all the time.  Others just want to do a little.  It’s all valuable and appreciated.
  • Volunteers come from all walks of life and all age groups: the retired (from professional and manual work), those who are looking to get back into work, mothers with children that are now of school age, people looking to change career, people who have had health problems, students looking to fill their holidays, etc. In short, anyone can volunteer.