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Tir Coed

Branching Out is a youth volunteer programme delivering accredited training in woodland management, and traditional green woodwork techniques.  Branching Out utilises the woodland resource as a tool to develop the personal, social and vocational skills of marginalised young people, aged 16 years and over, living in rural areas.

The Branching Out Apprenticeship Project is an initiative which offers 4 woodland management apprenticeships (8 months duration) and 2 greenwood construction apprenticeships (6 months duration) to young people in rural Wales seeking a woodland related career. The project will also host 4 open days focusing on sustainable development and 8 demonstrations at local shows or events. 

Through hands-on workshops and activities the Project objectives are to help young people to:
  • Improve their confidence and social well-being
  • Improve their vocational skills
  • Improve their career development and employment opportunities
  • Improve their awareness of the environment
Due to the high risk nature of the work (using sharp hand tools in remote locations), the ration of supervision is high - one tutor to four young people.  The high ratio of supervision allows tutors to focus on addressing the personal needs, as well as the practical learning needs, of each volunteer.

Participants will be provided with - Personal Protective Equipment and tools, transport and (on production of receipts) the cost of lunch.  Tir Coed will facilitate the delivery of workshops, ensuring that Health & Safety requirements, risk assessments and First Aid certificates are in place.

Tir Coed is currently developing the VINE (Volunteering In the Natural Environment) Project. The VINE project will be based at 3 woodland sites in Ceredigion and Powys. VINE aims to encourage wider community participation in woodland activities over the long term by providing activities for local people and groups that will help to improve site access and facilities.