Become a volunteer and support your community


Who are GwirForce?

GwirForce is a panel of volunteers aged between 14 and 25, who are committed to promoting and driving forward youth volunteering in Wales. We’re determined to ensure that volunteering is a valuable, inviting and FUN experience for young people. We’ve brought our experiences of volunteering together to share with other young people how rewarding and fun donating your time and skills can be, and we’re also here to make the voice of young volunteers across Wales HEARD.

What do we do?

There's no doubt we're a busy group! Since forming GwirForce, we’ve written a Youth Charter to promote volunteering good practice, travelled to London to present it to two Members of Parliament (one of whom was a Cabinet Minister) and not forgetting to kick up a fuss closer to home, we’ve introduced ourselves and our Charter to Carwyn Jones, First Minister for Wales.

We hold annual events and this year we have decided that a conference to advise and inform on Youth Volunteering issues in Wales was something that is definitely needed. We have also sent representatives to the European Year of the Volunteer Conference in Brussels, just to make sure the GwirForce message is spread far and wide!

Never an organisation to be shy, GwirForce have made our very own documentary about volunteering in Wales... roll out the red carpet and pass us the popcorn; it’s a celebration of all that young people can achieve as volunteers. We’re an ambitious group and with your help we’d like to do much, much more... (Not quite global domination but something similar).

What Can You Do with GwirForce?

Whatever your skills, interests and availability, you can get involved. Whether it’s to build your CV or to make new friends, GwirForce have a range of opportunities for keen young people wanting to make a difference. The list includes event planning, residentials, film-making, marketing, mentoring, recruitment, PartT Army (Participation and Consultation go-to guys), fundraising, even baking a cake or two as well if you feel like it... but there are many, many more – choose your area of interest, let us know and we’ll make sure we put your skills to great use!

Don’t have much time?

No problem. Register to be part of our Survey Squad and take five minutes every now and then to let us know your thoughts on the issues affecting you. Job done! A GwirForce member only has to do one task a year to be considered a member. Just ONE task!

What can you expect?

As a fully-fledged GwirForce member you can first and foremost expect to be welcomed into the family. We’re serious about volunteering but just as serious about making it enjoyable and accessible to all, so you can expect to join us on our regular GwirForce residentials. In between the busy work of planning our next Promotional Events, planning how we will raise the profile of Volunteering in Wales as well as trying to identify and break down the barriers to volunteering, you could enjoy getting back to nature with a survival skills workshop or test your knowledge with a map and compass and do some orienteering. The activities for GwirForce members range from exclusive access to training and skills building to being sent to represent our organisation all over the country, perhaps even the world.

Volunteering YES, but not sure if membership is for you?

No problem, we’re happy to ease you in gently! If volunteering with any organisation sounds like it might be a good idea for your CV, you’d like to try new things, meet new people, help your community or if it just sounds plain fun, get in touch for advice and some pointers on where to start. GwirForce can point you towards the hundreds of opportunities available across Wales, or alternatively, we’re just up for a chat. We’re very nice, we promise.

How do you get involved?

If you’re between 14 and 25 and have an interest in volunteering, then we’d love to hear from you.

1. Get in touch with us via email at and we’ll send you a registration form to complete and return to us. Not got Email? That's fine, just speak to your local Youth Volunteering Advisor. Each county has a dedicated Youth Volunteering Advisor who will do their best to help you. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

2. We’ll be in touch to thank you for your interest and if you’d like to get involved we’ll arrange a meeting with one of our members to answer any questions you might have. We’ll need one or two references just so that we can make sure you're not an alien (although we do welcome Alien Volunteers). Note: biscuits not guaranteed, but we’ll do our best.

3. We’ll invite you to one of our regular breakfast meetings to meet other members and get an idea of what we’re about. Note: breakfast is guaranteed.

4. If all goes well then you’ll be invited to join as a member. Welcome aboard!