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Fixer - passionate 16-25 yr olds!

Looking for passionate 16-25 yr olds in Wales! 

Here at Fixers we work with young people (aged 16-25) and offer them the opportunity to speak out about any issues they feel passionately about and want to change... the issues can be about absolutely anything.

We work with the young people to help ‘fix’ their issue using creative resources - whether it be a website, an event, flash mob, poster campaign or anything else they think will help raise awareness of the issue they care about.

We support them the whole way with a dedicated creative resources team, who are able to make their material how they want it... we'll even provide a budget!

Some of the projects will be picked up by the Broadcast Team and made into features that will be aired on ITV regional news once a month.

We are currently looking for a young person or a group of young people anywhere in Wales who are willing to take part in a project to fix an issue they feel passionately about.

Is this something you are interested in? If so please reply with a couple of lines telling me about a specific issue you'd like to 'fix'; how it affects you and why you feel strongly about it.

Please also include an email address, mobile number (and landline if possible.)

More information can be found here: 

We look forward to hearing from you!