Become a volunteer and support your community

UNA Exchange

Long term 2 - 12 months volunteering.
Fully funded programme.  All expenses are covered including travel, insurance, food and accommodation.
Thousands of projects available.  Open to applicants 18 - 30.
Some projects require volunteers to work alone, some in groups, other volunteers and even staff.

UNA Exchange supports people to take part in international volunteer placements in over 50 countries across the world.  Each project is organised by one of our international partner organisations, based in the country of the project.  The majority of the projects last between 2-4 weeks and cover a large range of themes including; social, environmental, construction and cultural projects.

Volunteers pay a fee to UNA Exchange (around £210) and then must pay for flights and insurance, a small number of projects require an on-arrival fee but this is made clear in the project information.