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Cae Post

Social inclusion is a key part of Cae Post’s work and is about ways in which disadvantage can be addressed. 

We believe that employment and access to work are central to how we see ourselves and that people with a range of disabilities should be given the opportunity of contributing to their community through work.

Cae Post’s work is about finding ways to support people who are often hampered in their progress because of stigma and low expectations. By promoting the many individual achievements to the wider community Cae Post helps to create a more “inclusive” image of learning disability.

ae Post wants to provide all who are involved in its activities access to the training needed to develop their skills. 

We want this to be at all levels so there is access to management training as well as basic skills such as literacy and numeracy. We wish to promote the work-place as a learning place. We are also keen to use new ICT technology to share information.

Employment success for young adult

Matthew becomes a Caepost employee

As well as running our own Work Experience programmes over the last few months Cae Post has worked with Cambrian Training and recently with Coleg Harlech to provide paid work opportunities under the Jobs Growth Wales Initiative addressing issues facing unemployed young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 years who are not in employment, education or training. One of our supported volunteers, Matthew Pelling, has gained from this opportunity and has moved into employment with us as a recycling operative, gaining experience working across all our recycling activities.