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Meirionydd Special Riding Group


People needed to lead ponies, walk by beside riders on ponies and help relay instructions, help tacking up and grooming horses and general stable area kept tidy, waiting room kept clean and tidy & take donations etc

General Aim of the Meirionnydd Special Riding Group

To focus on the individual ability of each rider and fulfil his/her potential in both riding and horse care.

Provision for each rider

Safe learning environment
Lessons provided in Welsh and English by qualified instructors
All helpers trained in RDA procedures
Establishments of long and short term aims
Oral feedback at the end of each session
Written feedback from helper at the close of each session
Reports given to school and/or individual at the end of each term
Opportunity to achieve endeavour awards recognizing effort and achievement
Eligibility for in-house competitions and annual awards/trophies
Opportunity to complete RDA grades in riding and horse care
Opportunity to compete at North Wales regional level
Opportunity to compete at National Championships

Progression is made by:

Setting short and long-term SMART targets which are reviewed at the ned of each term when new targets are set and/or previous targets adjusted.  Taget setting is carried out by the instructors together with input from irders and helpers where possible.  In a limited number of cases, targets are set by individual riders and agreed by instructors.