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National Library

Volunteering with the Collections Care Section
Tasked with preserving, conserving, protecting and slowing down the deterioration processeses which impact upon the Library's collections.
Simple dry cleaning methods can be used to care for the volumes. Volunteers trained and supervised by conservators will carry out this activity. Such tasks are vital for the maintenance and legacy of the collections.

Redistributing the Admiralty Charts

Admiralty charts are nautical charts issued by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.  Charts can include: depths, coastline, buoyage, land and underwater contour lines, seabed composition (for anchoring), hazards, tidal information, prominent land features (e.g. church towers), and any other information which could assist navigation.

The NLW collection of charts is currently stored in around 200 drawers in the maps storage area, TLB; however, many of the drawers contain excessive numbers of charts – which could have an adverse effect on their conservation.

An opportunity has been identified for a team of volunteers, working in pairs, to redistribute the maps to a greater number of drawers; whilst at the same time checking that they are stored in numerical order.The volunteers will be given training on how to handle the charts appropriately and will complete the task under the supervision of the Curator of Maps.

Jon Cartoons
A collection of some 5,500 current affairs cartoons published in the Daily Mirror in the 60's.  The collection is not currently catalogued, therefore creating a database for cartoons/themes and listing the corresponding news story will aid the archivist's work. Main tasks will be numbering the cartoons, creating an index of current affairs subjects related to the cartoons and identifying the corresponding story in the newspaper.

The Ships of Aberystwyth
This collection, which has been catalogued, includes the names of the crews of over 600 ships that sailed from Aberystwyth harbour between 1850 and 1910.  Creating a half yearly list for every ship that sailed the seas of Britian was at one time compulsory.  There are also details about the ships, their owners and the dwelling-places of sailors.  It is a very valuable genealogical and maritime source. However, there is no means of finding the names of the sailors from the Library's catalogue.

The main objective of the project therefore is to create a databse that can be searched, such as the names of sailors, their roles, names of ports, previous ships, sailing dates of a ship and the date and reason for leaving the service of a ship.

Completing the project will create a powerful tool to find information and resources not only for genealogists but also for other researchers.

Guides/Gallery Supervisors
The National Library holds a wide range of exhibits, including one large-scale thematic exhibition annually.  This exhibition is held for six months in Gregynog Gallery - one the largest in Wales.  Some of the small exhibitions are permanent, others change frequently.

Guides provide information about the display material, assist visitors, answer basic queries and covey responses and feedback to the Library staff.