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Taxi Card Scheme

  • This subsidised scheme offers reduced price travel to anyone with mobility problems.​​

  • “The Taxi Card Membership Scheme is a life-line for many local people who don’t have their own transport. It allows them the freedom to book a taxi whenever they want, to go wherever they like, but at half the cost. Mach Taxis and Lloyds Taxis have been part of the scheme for many years.  They really do a marvellous job!"​


  • Service user Mrs Evans said “For just £7 per year I can get out and about, visit the shops, or see my friends. It’s a wonderful scheme.”​

  • Local people can join The Taxi Card Membership Scheme for £7 per year. Each member gets £50 worth of free taxi vouchers. The vouchers are then used to pay for half of each taxi fare.​


  • There are spaces for new members this year, so do get in touch if you think CAMAD can help. ​


  • For longer distance medical related travel CAMAD also has a Community Car Scheme, where volunteer drivers take patients to GP or Hospital appointments for a subsidised cost.​​


  • For more information on community transport contact CAMAD on 01654 700071 or email