Become a volunteer and support your community



  • The meals on wheels service in Machynlleth is organised by CAMAD and delivered by volunteers.  The food is prepared and cooked by Cartref Dyfi.  There's a choice of two mains with a menu issued monthly.


  • Cost is £5.50 per meal for a main course and a pudding, payable on delivery. 


  • Meals are delivered on a Tuesday and Friday between 12.30 and 1.30.


  • Diabetic meals can be provided on request.


  • Meals can currently only be delivered within Machynlleth and Penegoes.


  • Requests can be made directly to CAMAD subject to eligibility.  Clients must be housebound and unable to shop for a meal, or at risk of malnutrition; not motivated to cook, or unaware of time and/or need for regular meals, where there is clear evidence of confusion, or living with an elderly carer for requires assistance, or recovering from hospitalisation or illness/surgery.


  • Contact CAMAD for further information: 01654 700071.