Become a volunteer and support your community


Life can get a little lonely sometimes.  If your family has moved away, or you’ve lost a loved one, or perhaps have been ill.  At times like these we need company most of all.  Sometimes that’s all we need.  Someone to spend time with, to share a cuppa with, play some cards with.  Nothing earth-shattering.  Just a little of the companionship even the most independent among us need from time to time.
Our Befriending Scheme fulfils this need.  Sometimes we might receive a referral from local GPs but you need no referral at all.  You can just get in touch – we will come and see you and match you with a volunteer we reckon you’ll click with.
Are you a good listener? Could you spare a couple of hours a week/fortnight to talk to lonely, disabled or housebound individuals.
As a volunteer befriender you will be helping to make a real difference to those around you by helping develop trusting and helpful relationships that may well continue for many years. Helping vulnerable people within our community is a very important part of what CAMAD does and we could not do it without you!
Referrals for the scheme come to us from health and social care professionals but also from individuals themselves. If you would like to speak to someone about accessing the service or know someone who would benefit from having a befriender, please get in touch.